Darian Bell - Podiatrist

Darian is a podiatrist who attended Latrobe University and is dedicated to working alongside patients to establish patient centered goals and thus providing the best possible health outcomes for the individual. Darian has interests in general nail, skin and wound care, nail surgery and other biomechanical conditions. Darian has undergone training in dry needling and Western Medical Acupuncture techniques to treat a multitude of conditions including heel pain and sports injuries. Additionally, Darian has gone to various seminars relating to injury, rehabilitation and dermatology. When Darian is not providing care to patients, he spends his time working on music and playing various musical instruments. Darian also likes to spend his time going to AFL games and watching NFL

Jane McAvoy- Naturopath / Bowen Therapist

Jane McAvoy commenced clinical practice in Geelong and Lara in 1999, after completing her Health Sciences degree in Naturopathy and Massage Therapy.

Jane’s approach to treatment is a fusion of traditional healing methods from many cultures, modern science and practical common sense. As most health issues may stem from many causes, her broad experience and thorough assessment help clients save time and money in their quest for good health. For example a person may suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome due to a pinched nerve in their back, mineral or chemical imbalances, muscle tension, food intolerances, sub-clinical infection, poor diet, stress, or a combination!

Unfortunately many people suffer unnecessarily on a medical merry-go-round or put up with their symptoms as due to “age”. Naturopathic treatment also succeeds in that “grey area” between great health and disease, where people know they don’t feel as well as they should, but nothing abnormal shows up yet on medical tests, by assisting the fundamental needs of the body – getting nutrients in and waste out of all areas.

Bowen is the main massage technique Jane uses to gently re-align the musculo-skeletal system and assist lymphatic drainage.

For example, many people take glucosamine supplements for arthritis, but unless muscle tension is addressed in affected areas, very little will get delivered where it is most needed.

Jane especially enjoys the educational aspect of her work. With more knowledge and understanding of natural body functions and processes, clients make lasting positive changes with enthusiasm.